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Blog, news, views and perspective by Darren Finkelstein.
Read my blog posts for my take
on what truly matters in your business.

Why read my blogs?

Writing blog posts about what truly matters for you and your business brings immense pleasure. I connect with thought leaders, industry experts and mentors who seek out and appreciate my perspective. I love to engage with, and include my entire community.

All that said, I enjoy writing about meaningful topics which are associated with the running of your business. I can help you make your business more efficient with greater profitability, all of which brings greater happiness to all involved. After all, it needs to be fun and you should make money!

My favourite blog topics naturally include; accountability and responsibility. I write about business, leadership, management, lifestyle, business coaching, business advisory, accountability coaching mentoring, entrepreneurship, scalability, profitability and growth. For more information about me please check out my LinkedIn profile. Finally, my intention is to stimulate your thinking and add real value which can make a difference.

Happy reading, enjoy.
Business advisor meeting

What is a Business Advisor?

What is a Business Advisor? Do you need help from a business advisor? With the new startup culture gaining roots across the globe. Small businesses and accelerated startups require the
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What is small business coaching?

What Is Small Business Coaching?

What Is Small Business Coaching? Most small business either operate on a constrained budget or lack the resources and expertise for further growth. Unless you come from a trained business
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Become an accountability coach

How Do I Become A Good Accountability Coach?

How Do I Become A Good Accountability Coach? Taking risks and learning from them is an important part of growth and maturity. Taking charge, being proactive and not being constantly
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Modern Accountability Coaching

What Is An Accountability Coach?

What Is An Accountability Coach? So, you are ready to take on a journey of transformation and betterment. Congrats, that is a great decision. Trying to Get Sh!t Done or
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Accountability coach

Can a Accountability Coach Make a Difference?

Can A Accountability Coach Make a Difference? If you’re an entrepreneur, here’s why you need an accountability coach today. One of the reasons why entrepreneurship is exceedingly challenging is because
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Business man reading about accountability

Become an Accountability Coach

Become an Accountability Coach Accountability coaching is anything but easy. An Accountability Coach is someone who works with startups, businesses, executives, and entrepreneurs. Their job description includes identifying long and
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