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Speaker for hire

Engage me to be a speaker at your next conference, webinar, event or workshop either face-to-face or virtually.

I’ll deliver engaging webinars online, or I can be on stage front and centre in person, whatever way works best for your event – I’m totally flexible.

It’s about the audience taking action.

  1. I’ll challenge thinking with my game-changing facts
  2. Share my personal experiences… and a few Apple stories
  3. Show the audience how to easily complete their goals & tasks on time

Much more than a long surname...

For me, being The Accountability Guy® and business advisor means being able to present my ideas, share my experiences and tell my story with absolute authority. Getting the audience to take action is what I do. I deliver on stage or a virtual webinar with great passion and enthusiasm because ‘I have walked the talk’, these are all my experiences, not those of others.

My aim is to not only motivate, but to inspire business people to ‘implement and execute’ what’s needed right now in their businesses from this moment onwards. Implementing & executing is how you make money and achieving your goals, aspirations and dreams is how you’ll live a fulfilling life.

Take a look at my key achievements in business, download my speaker kit and fill in the inquiry form below! Now it’s time for you to take actions.

Darren Finkelstein

Key Achievements

10-years with Apple during the Steve Job era, 15-years in my own lifestyle entrepreneurial business which we successfully sold and exited confirms – ‘I walk the talk’.

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